Inauguration of Auto Workshop at HFAVC Liberia

Inauguration of Auto Workshop at HFAVC Liberia

The Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College (HFAVC) is making tremendous progress in its contribution towards rebuilding the Liberian nation. It is the only vocational college in the entire country with well equipped labs in all trades, as well as foreign qualified instructors. Roughly 57% of Humanity First college graduates have found employment, or started their own business, and are now contributing to the local economy.

In continuing the successful efforts in aiding the Liberian youth, HFAVC has planned on establishing an auto workshop for sustainable operations in the country. Humanity First USA (HF USA)not only funded this project, but also promised to send their senior management to participate in the inauguration.

Mr. Munum Naeem, Executive Director of HF USA, recently visited HFAVC and inaugurated the auto workshop on January 3, 2013. Mr. Naeem ensured Humanity First's commitment to the workshop and emphasized that the purpose of the auto workshop is to help Liberian youth in technical training and related services. In his speech, he encouraged the youth to maintain all ethical standards in their profession as their basic guiding principle.

Mr. Sando Wayne, Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs for International Cooperation and Economic Integration Liberia, formally announced the Auto Workshop's services by offering the first car for maintenance. Other members of Humanity First team were present including, Mr. Masroor Sajid,HF USA's Country Director to Liberia, Dr. Abdul Haleem,Chairmanof Humanity First Liberia, and the HFAVC Principal.

Several distinguished guests including government officials attended this ceremony including National President Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Liberia, Mr. Naveed Adil, Head of Communications UNMIL Liberia, Col. Muzaffar Ahmad of Pakistan Army, and the Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In the photo above, the manager of the Humanity First Auto Workshop, Mr. Manzoor Naeem,shows attendees the different areas of the workshop and explains the process plans to handle four cars at one time. In his assurance to maintain quality services commitment in Liberia, Mr. Manzoor Naeem explained, "We will train our students to the best of our experience and knowledge. I have learned in 35 years of my international experience that auto trades cannot be taught without hands-on sessions." The principal of the HFAVC, Mr. Hafeez ur Rehman, emphasized to industry participants and corporate customers that they should send their cars for maintenance with confidence and trust. Abdul Roni, Vice President of Operations Sime Darby Liberia, which is one of the world's largest growers of pine trees, showed his commitment to support the students in addition to sending in their cars for repairs.