Inauguration of Driving trade in HFAVC Liberia

Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College (HFAVC) Liberia has formally added a new trade 'Driving School' to its 9-trades curriculum last week. This is another bold step towards sustainability and empowerment of local community. Humanity First started this trade new cars imported from United States of America. It is started with 8 students and have planned to extend it to 24 students per month. This trade will enable Liberians to fill-in driving jobs in Government, NGO, Oil and Gas sector and local leading commercial industries. Humanity First has established a 'Job Placement Office' in the college and partnering with industries to fulfill their labor requirements.

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Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College has trained more than 600 students in all 9 trades so far and successfully implementing Government's Poverty Reduction Policy. Chairman Humanity First Inaugurated the trade by handing over the key to first student of the batch and said "Humanity First is committed to help Liberians to build their own future".

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Principal Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College reiterated the commitment of Humanity First through excellence programs in all trades. He assured students his support to take it to next level by providing them state of the art 'Auto Workshop Facility' in next few weeks. He said "We are striving hard towards professional excellence and will lead vocational education industry"