Humanity First Liberia Restarts

May 1st 2015

Humanity First Liberia is proud to announce that it is restarting its operations in Liberia. After a year of uncertainty and mounting challenges during the 2014 years due to Ebola, HF Liberia is back with new vigor and new energy. This year we aim to restart 3 projects under the global HF programs of “learn a trade”, “water for life”, and “ebola orphan care”.

Under the ebola orphan care project we plan on identifying and supporing up to 200 ebola orphans for up to 2 years.

Under the the “water for life” program, we are identifying underserved and remote communities that can benefit from drinking water wells in their proximity. We hope to construct 2 wells in the upcoming year to provide drinking water in these isolated communities.

Under “Lear a trade”, HF Liberia has restarted the Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College. This is a long term project executed by Humanity First Libera. The college reopened in May, admitting its 6th batch of students. The trades being taught include: plumbing, masonry, refrigeration and AC, auto-mechanic, auto-electrician, and industrial electrician. We've re-recruited our old instructors alongside a batch of new ones. Expect a lot of exciting developments as we seek to bring HFAVC at the top of its game.

Below is our HF execution team

Sabeel Sandhu: Principal for the vocational college and project director for Humanity First Liberia
Barley F. Jensen: Vice Principal of Vocational College
Hassan Ahmed: Project Manager and Busineess developer