HF graduates first class with SOS

September 11 2015

As part of HF Liberia's vocational training expansion program, HF Liberia is teaming up with primary education providers to supply extra-curricular vocational education after school hours. Our first pilot project was with SOS international. SOS international runs high-school in the Matadi district consisting of approximately 20 students.

In the pilot project, HF Liberia utilized its instructors from the vocational college and sent the to SOS during the afternoons to teach high school student the basics of several trades including: electrician, plumbing, refrigeration15 Enjoy the pictures from the mini-graduation event held during the September parent teacher conference.

Demo of tools that are taught to children


HF Liberia and SOS school teams


HF Liberia and SOS school teams


Sabeel (Principal vocational college) explaining the SOS and HF Liberia collaboration


HF Liberia and SOS school teams