Around a billion people still lack access to safe drinking water locally, or improved sanitation facilities. Humanity First is installing and repairing village level water facilities and installing toilet facilities in schools.

Access to clean water is a human right, and Humanity First continues to provide clean water solutions for villages and small towns in low-income communities. We ensure sustainability of our deployments by educating the communities about hygiene and sanitation to maintain systems for running water.

Since the registration of Humanity First in Liberia under the ‘Water for Life’ initiative 22 hand pumps have been installed in 5 different counties of Liberia. Installing a new hand pump can cost from $1500-2000 US. To name them with the numbers of hand pumps in each county:

Bomi 5, Bong 1, Grand Cape Mount 4, Nimba 7 and Montserrado 5.

We are also fixing already installed pumps which are not in use due to small or major defects. Repair costs can range from $500-800 US.

Our donors usually bear the cost of a whole pump either in their name or any of their loved one’s name.

Below are some images of the hand pumps installed in Liberia.

Humanity First